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Your Fitness Spot is your spot online for fitness and nutrition products. Our blog is devoted to sharing with you the news we believe you need to be as healthy and fit as possible at any stage in life.
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About Your Fitness Spot

Get fit, stay fit, be fit!

Your Fitness Spot is an online fitness boutique created by AmbyClay LLC.  We want to share our passion for fitness and good health with you.  We strive to identify and provide you with the best products to support your fitness goals.  

We'll bring you information you need to make wise health decisions because living healthy isn't just about exercise or eating the right foods it is about the combination of a lot of things.  Getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, exercising and eating right are just a few.  We promise to share what we believe to be important and hope you'll visit us frequently, not only on our blog but also on our website, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

We've got lots to share on getting fit, staying fit and being fit - you've come to the right spot!